The greens for this week! 

How to elevate a plain can of Baked Beans!

THE best breakfast if you’re in a hurry.

Chicken egg and cheese bagel. 

The bagel is a sunflower multigrain and is soft and tastes soooo fresh and a hint of sweetness. The fruit are absolutely fresh and juicy as well. 

non-charismatic asked:
wow amazing blog,congratulations. i even saved it on my bookmarks

Thank you for the kind words!! It inspires me to keep updating it as often as I can :)

enneagramdust asked:
:o i found your blog on tumblrplug and omg i love it! thankyou so much as i am doing blogilates 12 week healthy food challenge so this will help! thanks :D have a greay day!

Yay! Soo happy to hear that you’ve found my blog useful :) !